Our Authentic Potted Spruce Trees

Authenticity is what we pride ourselves in. When we say potted spruce, we mean it! Your spruce trees have been in containers since germination and have never been transplanted between the ground and a pot. But that's not all.

Root Training

Our inventory has been put through rigorous root training to create a well-branched root system, thus, creating a well-branched tree.

Proprietary Soil Mix

Our proprietary potting soil is blended specifically for all three varieties of the spruce we sell and will also benefit your tree for a couple years after they go in the ground. Our potting soil was derived from much trial & error including extensive laboratory soil testing to find the right ingredients to grow our trees in and at the proper pH.

In-tune with the Environment

Our selection of potted spruce trees are fully wintered outdoors to weed out the weaklings and ensuring you receive a hardy tree that is well adapted to the outdoor elements.

Our Current Potted Spruce Tree Inventory

We have the following potted spruce trees on hand.