Our Story

Photo of Rob Taylor, President, NorWhite Spruce Nursery.
Rob Taylor, President
NorWhite Spruce Farm, LLC.

Rooted in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region of New York State, NorWhite Spruce Nursery was established in 2015 as a provider of high quality, authentic potted spruce trees. We concentrate exclusively on growing Norway, white, and blue spruce. Our trees are truly potted. They have been in containers since germination and have never been transplanted between the ground and a pot. We are a licensed New York tree nursery.

Our operation started out of a passion for the true outdoors. As outdoor enthusiasts, we began planting spruce trees on our property for the benefit of privacy, wildlife, and hunting. Through that process we found a love for growing spruce trees. After experimenting with various different cultivars and various cultivar products (bare root, ball & burlap, field potted, etc.), we began to have a vision of a better product for the market. One that allows a spruce tree to be easily planted without its roots ever being disturbed, encourages rapid root development, and allows the tree to grow in a natural uniform state.

Our authentic potted spruce trees are born and nurtured from years of experience in growing spruce trees and getting them established. We know what makes a great spruce tree and how to accomplish 90%+ survival rates while putting something in the ground that will take off without skipping a beat.

We have put all our pride and passion in to our authentic potted spruce trees. Our stock is well-rooted, well-branched, and continually pruned to provide a tree that is quick to adapt and will head for the heavens right out of the gate.

Here at NorWhite, we don't grow trees to sell. We sell trees that thrive.